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Tech Schools

Tech Schools

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University of Phoenix — At Phoenix, students who study a Web design program will focus on the application of HTML, programming languages, web authoring tools, and web standards to design Web sites for a wide array of business and e-commerce applications.

DeVry University — DeVry's College of Media Arts & Technology offers a robust Web graphic design associate's degree program that enables its students to work on industry standard equipment and software, ensuring that what the student learns will be practical in a career setting.

Full Sail University — Full Sail University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Web design and development that explores one of the most rapidly developing industries on the planet. Students will learn to design and develop a Web site using programming technologies such as ActionScript, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, XHML, and XML.

Strayer University — Strayer's Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Systems (IS) with a concentration in Web development teaches students state-of-the-art computer concepts, including programming, database management, networking, Web development, and Web security. Graduates of the program will be prepared to enter jobs in fields such as network security, Web development, data management, and more.

Baker College — Baker College offers two degrees in Web Development through online courses for students looking to pursue exciting careers in an industry that is always looking for creative and skilled individuals: a Bachelors and Associates on Web Development. These programs can be completed on your own timeline and in an environment of your choosing. In addition, the online programs cut many of the costs associated with campus programs.

International Academy of Design & Technology — The Associate of Science degree in Web design from the International Academy of Design & Technology is sure to prepare its graduates for careers in numerous technical fields, including Web design, digital design, Web scripting, and networking.

Art Institute of Pittsburgh — The Art Institute Online prepares its students for careers in the quickly growing field of Web design and Web marketing. The programs at the Art Institute teach how to integrate the elements of images, animation, audio, video, text, and other data for the delivery of interactive content.

University of Massachusetts — The certificate program in Website Design and Development from University of Massachusetts gives students a foundation in interactive design and building dynamic websites. Students will learn to use software and programming languages like PHP and Javascript to build advance websites that follow today's standards and latest advances. This program is available through online courses and it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of HTML.

American InterContinental University — American InterContinental University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in visual communications with a specialization in Web design. This degree prepares students for many career possibilities, including Web designer, digital artist, Flash designer, and more.

Kaplan University — Kaplan University prides itself in having flexible schedules for those working professionals busy with their current jobs. At Kaplan's design school, students will learn all of the skills they need to pursue or further a career in Web site design.

Rasmussen College — Rasmussen College offers an associate's degree in Web design that will prepare students for work in Web design or Internet advertising fields. Coursework includes server side scripting, dynamic content management, networking technologies, and more.

Westwood College — Students who successfully complete the Web design training program from Westwood will be well prepared for a career and have advanced knowledge of HTML, WFL, XML, developing industry-compliant Web design projects, and building e-commerce Web sites. Similar degrees are also offered in animation and game design.

South University — South University's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology / Web Administration degree program prepares students with knowledge of computer programming, e-commerce site management, Web design, systems analysis, and more.

Sessions College for Professional Design — Art and design professionals within the AOS in web design program at Sessions College are encouraged to cultivate technical, creative, and critical thinking skills needed for a fast-changing industry. An enrollee may be able to obtain degrees in graphic design, Web design, multimedia arts, digital arts, marketing design, game art, and fine arts.