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I hope that the information on this website can help improve your health, your mind, your career and your business.

All information on this web site was gathered by research, personal experiences or compiled from reliable sources with links. I designed and developed this web site using my own funds and are not supported by any entity except for my bank account and talent. If this web site helps and guides one young black man, then it is a success.

My name is George D. I created this web site for three main purposes.

  1. To provide a source of positive news regarding African Americans, including their causes, music, politics and families.
  2. To provide some information that helps our African American kids get on and stay on a productive path in life, regardless of the obstacles.
  3. To provide an introduction to technology focusing on web design, ecommerce, marketing, SEO and more.

Helpful Resources For Black Brothers

We Didn't Forget The Sisters -

What Is A Positive Black Brother?

  1. My father, Mr. George A. Donathan Sr. was a Positive Black Brother.
  2. President Barrack Obama is a Positive Black Brother
  3. A Positive Black Brother is a God fearing man, but does not necessarily go to church, but he owns a bible.
  4. A Positive Black Brother does not fear leadership or take charge positions. A Positive Black Brother never blames anyone for any failures.
  5. A Positive Black Brother acknowledges his personal debts and works towards settling all of them.

  6. A Positive Black Brother is always trying to improve himself through education, career, physical & social fitness. He takes care of his responsibilities directly or indirectly. He is in control of or wants to control his life rather than having life control him.
  7. A Positive Black Brother is in charge of his destination.
  8. A Positive Black Brother is involved in or is aware of the political process.
  9. A Positive Black Brother takes care of his family, friends and associates.
  10. A Positive Black Brother has the ability to motivate himself as well as others.
  11. A Positive Black Brother glass is always half full, never, ever half empty.
  12. A Positive Black Brother can function WITHOUT a woman, but does his best work WITH a woman.
  13. A Positive Black Brother desires peace, confirmation, romance, safety and loyalty.
  14. A Positive Black Brother is always a work in progress, and is the basis of this website....enjoy.
  15. I am striving to always be, A Positive Black Brother.

What We Try To Tweet About:

  • Positive News regarding African Americans, including their causes, music, politics and families.
  • Politics
  • Basic Web Design & Marketing Info.

What's On This Website?

  1. Some of my motivational speeches, you know the stuff you tell a shorty..
  2. Information about health, credit, finances, careers(technical).
  3. African American resources.
  4. Links to books that I have read or are helpful and informative.
  5. Information on how to repair your credit.
  6. Alternative career choices (bias towards technology/web design) because you know I may not be able to send you to college.
  7. Links to new and used cars (see cars section at top of page) because you'd want me to advise on buying a car.
  8. Links to all basketball and football teams (see sports section at bottom of page) because we'd talk about sports.
  9. Links to online stores to purchase something for that special lady(see iShops at the bottom of page.) because you know you'd ask me what to get for your girlfriend.
  10. Information on how to prepare a business plan.
  11. Information on how to setup an internet related business, in case you want to actually follow in the immediate footsteps.
  12. Some strange photos and videos that have been sent to me.
  13. Information and photos about my musical career and some of the tools I used to produce and record music.

What We Try To Tweet About:

  • Positive News regarding African Americans, including their causes, music, politics and families.
  • Politics Involving Our President
  • Basic Web Design Info.

How This Project Got Started

In 2000, I started compiling information about my life and experiences. My thinking was that if I couldn't or didn't share my life's experiences and knowledge with my own son, maybe I can share them with another young black male kid.

My decision to share my knowledge, experiences, motivation, etc. is the basis of this web site. There is a lot of additional information on this current and growing web site. I plan to fully launch it nationally during black history month 2016.

There are enough negative pictures and news about black men. I went looking for some positive images of black men and found a few. Some are posted on this web site, but the main one was right in the mirror.

Basically with this web site, I am speaking to young black males as if they were my own son. I believe all black men need to find a way to enhance another young black man's life. The first option should be YOUR OWN son(if you have a relationship).

My day job is as a webmaster, I design, develop and maintain personal and commercial clients. I work on this web site in my spare time.


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