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Here Is Where You Can Read The Actual Affordable Care Act(PDF)


  2. Obamacare's First Year Brought Health Insurance To Millions

  3. Obamacare Repeal Would Swell The Deficit Even Using GOP's New Math, Budget Office Says

  4. Obamacare Hasn't Affected Republicans As Much As They Expected

  5. New Obamacare Rules Makes It Easier To Find Doctors Who Take Your Insurance

  6. Obamacare Enrollment Is 10 Million, But Supreme Court Ruling Could Shrink It Dramatically

  7. What The Latest Obamacare Supreme Court Case Is All About

  8. Republicans Are Screwed If The Supreme Court Guts Obamacare

  9. Another Win For Obamacare

  10. GOP Leaders Giving Up On Repealing Obamacare

  11. More Evidence Obamacare Is Benefiting America

  12. Here's How Obamacare Is Going To Affect Your Taxes

  13. Uninsured Rate Drops Dramatically Under Obamacare

  15. Another Moment Of Truth For Obamacare — And For SCOTUS

  16. Obamacare Lawsuit Careens Toward Judgment Day

  17. Latest Obamacare Challenge Over 4 Words... 9.6 Million Could Lose Health Care...

  18. Obamacare Enrollment Reopened For Taxpayers Hit By Mandate Fine

  19. Great News For Obamacare

  20. Rush Of Obamacare Enrollees Expected Before Sunday Deadline

  21. A Former Senator Just Dealt A Serious Blow To The Legal Case Against Obamacare

  22. Most Want Congress To Fix Potential Obamacare Gap

  23. Yet More Proof Obamacare Is Working

  24. Here's Where Obamacare Costs The Most

  25. Obamacare Continues To Beat Expectations

  26. Jeb Bush Quits Firm That Profited From Obamacare

  27. Obamacare Expansion In Texas Might Not Be A Pipe Dream

  28. Good News on Health Care in 2014, But We're Still Spending Way Too Much

  29. New Data Settle the Debate: Obamacare Is Making Health Insurance More Affordable, Not Less


  31. How To Avoid Paying More For Obamacare Next Year

  32. The Court's Obamacare Disaster

  33. HealthCare.gov Gets Major Upgrades

  34. Conservatives Proven Utterly Wrong On Key Aspect Of Obamacare

  35. GOP Candidate Comes Up With A New, Misleading Obamacare Claim

  36. Birth Control Is Free Under Obamacare, But Not Everyone Got The Memo

  37. Latino Uninsured Rate Plummets, Thanks To Obamacare

  38. Obamacare Critics Just Lost Another Talking Point

  39. More Proof That Anti-Obamacare States Desperately Need Obamacare

  40. Uninsured Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since The '90s

  41. Obamacare Face Hurdles Ahead Of Its Second Enrollment Season

  42. Obamacare Could Be A Big Boon To A New Kind Of Labor Group

  43. Ted Cruz's Obamacare Nightmare Comes To Life

  44. Obamacare, Half A Million Americans Win With Medicaid Expansion

  45. A Momentous Endorsement Of Obamacare

  46. Congress Could Easily Fix A Huge Obamacare Problem. It Won't

  47. Good News For Obamacare

  48. Health Insurers Set To Give Out More Obamacare Refunds

  49. Here's More Proof Obamacare Is Working

  50. Calm Down, Everyone. 2 GOP Judges Didn't Annihilate Obamacare
  51. Undercover Probe Finds Serious Problems With Obamacare

  52. Federals Appeals Court Delivers Serious Setback To Obama Health Care Law
  53. The Obama Admin Just Exempted US Territories From Obamacare
  54. Republicans Who Signed Up For Obamacare This Year Are Pretty Happy

  55. In States That Didn't Expand Medicaid, Obamacare's Not Reaching The Poor

  56. The Good News About Obamacare in the June Jobs Report

  57. Senate Dems Attempt To Steer Attention Away From Obamacare

  58. Federal Judge To Weigh GOP Senator's Obamacare Lawsuit

  60. Supreme Court Poised To Rule On Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

  61. Major Company's Attempt To Blame Obamacare For Cuts Backfires

  62. The Most Shameless Anti-Obamacare Argument Yet

  63. Republicans Finally Admit Why They Hate Obamacare

  64. Millions Get Obamacare Plans For $100 Or Less

  65. How The Government Is Trying To Prevent Another HealthCare.gov Disaster

  66. Republicans Have Found A New Way To Attack Obamacare

  67. House GOP Conflicted On Alternative To Obamacare

  68. How Obamacare Is Shaking Up The Country

  69. The GOP's Worst Obamacare Nightmare Comes True

  70. Months Into Obamacare, More Changes Are On The Horizon

  71. Dems Slow To Embrace Obama's Health Care Offensive

  72. Failed Obamacare Website Is Being Investigated

  73. ER Visits Jump As Obamacare Kicks In, Doctors Say

  74. Big Increases in Obamacare Premiums and Deductibles Coming in November
  75. Obamacare Prediction Was Totally Overblown

  76. Dems Hope To Win Over Skeptical Americans On Obamacare

  77. Almost Half A Billion Spent On State Obamacare Exchanges Now In Shambles

  78. Key Dem Goes All In On Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

  79. Study: Obamacare Could Save A Bunch Of Lives

  80. Another Big Win For Obamacare

  81. Uninsured Rate Drops To New Low As Obamacare Sign-Ups Surge

  82. White House Was Right On Obamacare Numbers

  83. House GOPers Obamacare Opposition Not So Clear Cut

  84. Republicans To Push Anti-Obamacare Message In Senate Hearings

  85. Senior Citizens Spoil Rick Scott's Hunt For Obamacare Horror Stories
  86. Louie Gohmert Says Obamacare Will Leave 'People On Lists' To Die

  87. House Republicans' Report: Obamacare Signups Lagging

  88. When It Comes To Health Care, There Are 2 Americas

  89. The Biggest Reason People Didn't Sign Up For Obamacare

  90. Why 2014 Might Not Hinge On Obamacare After All
  91. Obamacare's Popularity On The Rise In Conservative Communities

  92. Anti-Obamacare Campaigns Causing Serious Harm To Those In Need

  93. Boehner's Truthful Gaffe on Obamacare 

  94. This Is How Dems Really Feel About Campaigning For Obamacare
  95. Was This Obamacare's Biggest Winner?

  97. Why the president is winning Obamacare debate
  98. Republicans Aren't Moving On From Obamacare

  99. GOP Congressman Makes Dubious Claim About Health Care

  100. Obamacare Sign-Ups Hit 8 Million In Remarkable Turnaround

  101. GOP Senate Candidate Has Confusing Stance On Obamacare Repeal

  102. Dems Call On Party To Defend Obamacare Unabashedly

  103. Anti-Obamacare States Are Falling Far Behind In Insuring People

  104. CBO: Obamacare Will Cost Less Than Projected, Cover 12 Million Uninsured People This Year
  105. Obamacare In The Crosshairs

  106. Group Backing Dem Senator Touts Obamacare Success Story

  107. Jon Stewart Looks At 'Doing Weird S#!t To Obamacare'

  108. Obamacare's Catch 22

  109. House Rejects Bipartisan Obamacare Fix

  110. Scott Brown Claims Obamacare Costs Liberty

  111. Obamacare's Surprising Oversight

  114. Another Sign Obamacare Is Working

  115. House GOP Launching Yet AnotherAttack On Obamacare

  116. 5 Things The Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Won't Tell You

  117. Boehner's Replacement For Obamacare: A Promise To Replace Obamacare

  118. Jindal Releases Plan To Repeal Obamacare, With 2016 In Mind

  119. These Guys Were Way Off About Obamacare

  120. COVERED!
  121. Misleading Anti-Obamacare Message Explored

  122. Obama To Speak On Obamacare Enrollment

  123. Obamacare Deadline Safety Valve Comes In Handy As Website Buckles

  124. REPORT: Obamacare On Track To Hit 7 Million

  125. Obamacare Support Hits An All-Time High

  126. Racial Profiling Alleged In Obamacare Workers' Arrests
  127. Why The GOP's Obamacare Mania Is A Gift To Dems

  128. Obamacare Enrollment Surging With Last-Minute Sign-Ups

  129. Kathleen Sebelius: Obamacare Got 'The Galifianakis Bump'

  131. Dem Push For Obamacare Shaped By This Big Factor

  132. Obamacare Has Led To Coverage For 9.5 Million

  133. Healthcare.gov Down On Final Day To Sign Up

  134. Here's Everything You Need To Know About Monday's Obamacare Deadline

  135. Big Changes Are Challenging The Obamacare Legacy

  136. Celebs Band Together To Boost Last-Minute Obamacare Enrollment
  137. What You Must Know About Signing Up For Healthcare Coverage
  138. Life Under the Affordable Care Act: Meet Some Of The Newly Insured
  139. Bill Clinton Has An Obamacare Message For Democrats
  140. Would Obama Go THIS Far To Boost Health Care Sign Ups?

  141. Republican Explains Why Uninsured Are Less 'Educated,' 'Sophisticated'

  142. Scalia & co. can still destroy Obamacare — without you seeing it coming
  143. POLL: Public Support Still Lagging For Obamacare

  144. Trying To Sign Up For Obamacare? Then Keep This In Mind…
  145. Obama Administration Allows Extra Time For Some Health Care Enrollees

  147. Another Obamacare 'Victim' Ad Debunked

  148. What You Need To Know About Obamacare's Individual Mandate

  150. These Are The 3 Red States Where Obamacare Is Working Well

  151. The Real Truth About Obamacare

  152. The Koch Brothers Are Accidentally Advertising The Benefits Of Obamacare

  153. Tea Partier's Super PAC Makes Dubious Obamacare Claims

  154. DeGeneres To Obama: 'Everyone's Very Grateful' For Obamacare

  155. Scott Brown Learns That Obamacare Is Also Helping Republicans

  156. The Onion Seems To Be Boosting Obamacare Sign-Ups

  157. GOP Rep Attacks Obamacare Feature He Voted For

  158. How This Anti-Obamacare Ad Misses The Big Picture On Health Care

  159. Former GOP Chair Saves $1,000 A Month With Obamacare

  160. Celebrity Moms Line Up To Tout Obamacare

  161. Another 'Victim' Saves Big On Obamacare

  162. Obamacare Gets Its First Test Of The Midterm Elections

  163. Uninsured Rate Drops, Thanks To Obamacare
  164. Cruz Still Thinks The GOP Can Repeal Obamacare While Obama Is In Office

  165. This Debunks The GOP's Main Argument Against Obamacare

  166. Top Official In Charge Of Obamacare Exchanges Resigns

  167. Obamacare Supporters Plan To Flood The Zone As Enrollment Deadline Nears

  168. Health plans that don't meet Obamacare rules can renew for two more years
  169. Obamacare Just Made Americans Richer Without Anyone Noticing

  170. Koch-Backed Group Teaching How To 'Survive' Obamacare

  171. How Obamacare Could Kill The Insurance Industry

  173. Some State Obamacare Exchanges Are Leaving Americans Very Frustrated

  174. White House Bails Out Dem Governors With Obamacare Fix

  175. 10 Obamacare Facts You Need to Know After 5 Months

  176. Obamacare Victims Are ‘Liars,’ Says Top Democrat

  177. The Real Problem Facing Obamacare

  178. Dem govs: Obama needs to sell Obamacare
  179. Governors: Obamacare Here To Stay

  180. Obamacare Already Playing Big Role In 2014 Races

  181. Gay Couple Sues After Being Denied Obamacare Coverage

  182. Obamacare Comes As 'An Answer To A Prayer' For Some

  183. The White House Wants Obamacare To Be Your Valentine

  184. Obamacare And W's Signature Health Programs Have A Lot In Common

  185. Bachmann Concedes Obamacare Fight ... For Now

  186. Gallup Finds Decline In Uninsured Americans

  187. Obamacare Enrollment Reached 3.3 Million In January

  188. GOP Rep Expresses Obamacare Opposition: My Wife & I Are 'Fixed'

  189. Latest Obamacare Tweak Is Bad News For Some Workers

  190. Official Sets Record Straight On Controversial Obamacare Report

  191. Obamacare Opponents Freak Out At The Idea The Law Could Mean More Freedom

  192. Republicans Don't Tell It Straight On Obamacare

  193. One Of Obamacare's First Critics Is Now A Big Fan

  194. The Explosive Report On Obamacare Wasn't As Explosive As It Seemed

  195. The Media's Gigantic Obamacare Fail

  197. Millions Are Now Realizing They're Too Poor For Obamacare

  198. Good News For Obamacare

  199. 3 Million People Have Picked Private Obamacare Plans

  200. SCOTUS Blocks Obamacare Birth Control Requirement For Nuns

  201. Great News For Obamacare

  202. Red State Makes Big Obamacare Move

  203. Target Joins Home Depot, Walmart, Others In Cutting Health Care For Part-Timers, Citing Obamacare

  204. California health exchange enrollment tops 600K

  205. It Isn't Right to Say ObamaCare Is Reducing Costs Now

  206. Aetna could be forced out of Obamacare: CEO

  207. Obamacare Suit Rejected

  208. Affording The Affordable Care Act

  209. New Obamacare Numbers Released

  210. White House To End Ties With Company Behind Embattled Website

  211. Obamacare Glitches Forced Woman To Postpone Cancer Surgery
  212. House GOP Targeting Obamacare Again

  213. Obamacare Makes Breast Cancer Prevention Drugs More Than Affordable.. It Makes Them Free

  214. POLITICAL STUNT': GOP Senator Fights 'Real Abuse' Of Obamacare

  215. Another Obamacare Deadline Pushed Back

  216. SCOTUS Denies Request For Emergency Halt On Obamacare

  217. Streisand Weighs In On The Health Care Law

  218. Health Care Spending Slows To Historically Low Rate

  219. Meet The Obamacare Fixer

  220. So Much For The Obamacare Apocalypse

  221. Obamacare Advocates Struggle To Convince Needy Population

  222. GOP Attorneys General Criticize Obama For 'Flatly Illegal' Obamacare Fixes

  223. Obamacare Met With Mixed Relief At Start Of New Year

  224. Another Bizarre Obamacare Quirk Revealed

  225. Koch Brothers Launch $2.5 Million Blitz Against Dems, Obamacare

  226. Study Reveals New Obamacare Problem

  227. Obamacare Signups Reach New High

  228. Pharmacy Offers Prescriptions To Backlogged Obamacare Enrollees

  229. This Could Be A Major Roadblock For Obamacare

  230. Obamacare Allies Push For Big Change

  231. Official Who Oversaw Obamacare Website To Retire

  232. Great News For Obamacare

  233. New Year's Day Brings New Test For Obamacare

  234. Obamacare May Change Your Vending-Machine Experience

  235. IRS Could Face Blame For Unexpected Obamacare Bite

  236. White House Confident Obamacare Glitches Are A Thing Of The Past

  237. Obamacare Deadline Stretched Again

  238. White House Secretly Extends Obamacare Deadline

  240. Chuck Todd: Will anyone be fined?

  241. Obama Admin Relaxes Rules Of Health Care Law Ahead Of Deadline

  242. White House Gears Up For Health Care Enrollment Rush

  243. Sebelius Answers Obamacare Questions On HuffPost Live

  244. Obamacare Death Spiral Looks Unlikely, Study Finds

  245. Obama Administration Appoints New Official To Fix Obamacare Website

  246. Dem Group Launches Campaign To Fight Anti-Obamacare Efforts

  247. Bad News For Obamacare

  248. HERE'S THE CATCH: O Offers Last-Minute Obamacare Fix, But...

  249. Big Obamacare Change Announced

  250. Obama Offers Last-Minute Fix For Obamacare Enrollees -- With A Catch

  251. Sickest Obamacare Enrollees Get More Time To Find Insurance

  252. Obamacare Deepens State Divides

  253. Report: Rubio Signed Up For Obamacare

  255. Do Republicans Have A Secret Love For Obamacare?

  256. For Obamacare, Assume Repeal Dead

  257. Obamacare Frustration Breathing New Life Into Sanders Push

  258. Key Republican Senator Reverses Course On Obamacare

  259. Conservatives Root For Failure

  260. Capitol Hill’s whiniest hypocrites: The GOP’s latest misleading Obamacare scheme
  261. State's Obamacare Exchange Shares Personal Information Without Consent

  262. Obama Brings Back Top Aide To Work On Obamacare

  263. Top State Dem Fights To Prove Obamacare Can Overcome Resistance

  264. Good news for Obamacare: Here’s what’s needed to keep it going
  265. Obamacare Glitches Hit 10 Percent Of Enrollments: Official

  266. HealthCare.Gov Turns Corner With Healthy Sign-Up Numbers?

  267. Healthcare.Gov's Biggest Problem Is Getting Much Better

  268. Kentucky Gov. To Mitch McConnell: Get Your Facts Straight On Obamacare

  269. HealthCare.gov Hits Another Road Bump

  270. HealthCare.gov stable, but GOP hits

  272. Obamacare fix wins applause, but troubles remain

  273. Party Chairs Face Off In Obamacare Debate

  274. 'Everyone Is Running On Obamacare. Perfect'

  275. Clinton Explains His Obamacare Comments

  276. The Huge Obamacare Story You Aren't Reading

  277. Here's Why Obamacare Is Going To Work

  278. Report: Obamacare Website Sign-Ups Hit 100,000

  279. Senator: 2014 Dems In 'Great Position' With Obamacare

  280. Obamacare Website Report Shows Good News

  281. Official: Hackers tried repeatedly to attack Obamacare website
  282. Officials: Obamacare Website Is Better

  284. DO-OVER: Obama Tries To Get Health Reform Right

  285. HealthCare.gov Down For Upgrades Ahead Of Deadline

  286. The Shady Company That Bungled Obamacare's Website

  287. Crucial Test Of Obamacare Exchanges Coming

  288. Another Big Setback For Obamacare

  289. No One Is Talking About TheseObamacare Stories

  290. Feds Scramble To Boost Obamacare Enrollment Before Deadline

  291. Documents Reveal Embarrassing Obamacare Misstep

  292. Obama officials upbeat about health site fixes
  293. Americans Still Confused About The Details Of The Individual Mandate

  294. Key Obamacare Deadline Pushed Back

  295. Right After Boehner Complains About Obamacare Enrollment, He Succeeds

  296. Health Care Law Is Dividing Republican Governors

  297. California Is Encouraged by Health Plan Enrollment
  298. The Truth About Obamacare 'Sticker Shock'

  299. Obama Administration Maps Out Detour Around HealthCare.gov

  300. REPORT: Obama Administration Knew About Healthcare.gov Issues

  301. Dem Gov Decides Against Obamacare Fix

  302. This Company Is Reaching Customers By Poking Fun At Obamacare

  303. Obama Calls On Supporters To Help People Enroll

  305. The Fight To Save Obamacare

  306. Obama Addresses Canceled Health Insurance Plans

  307. One Of The Biggest Threats To Obamacare

  308. Wilstein: Obamacare Numbers Prove GOP Right, But Not in the Way You're Thinking
  309. Chuck Todd: Obamacare Fixes 'Undermine Whole Premise of the Law'
  310. Robert Gibbs Defends Obamacare Numbers: 'There's Demand For This'
  311. Joe Madison on MSNBC: Palin Should ‘Shut Up’ on Slavery, Only Using That Word ‘Because of Obama’
  312. Night and Day: CNN Reports ‘Dismal’ Obamacare Numbers, MSNBC Says ’100% Higher Than Yesterday’
  313. O’Reilly Goes Off on Obamacare ‘Disaster,’ Powers Admits It’s ‘Setback’ for Liberalism
  314. ‘Father of Obamacare’ on Hugh Hewitt Show: Obama ‘Did Mislead’ But Proposed Dem Fix Is a Bad Idea
  315. Sen. Manchin: Obamacare ‘More Than Rollout Problem, It’s a Product Problem’
  316. Megyn Kelly, Ezekiel Emanuel Battle Over Obamacare Again: You Didn't Foresee Mass Cancellations?!
  317. Officials Testify: Obamacare Website Actually Getting Better

  318. Obamacare Numbers Short Of Target

  319. Healthcare Website Model Revealed

  320. Troubling Obamacare Numbers Revealed

  321. Issa Accused Of Wasting Time Of Obamacare Fixer

  322. The Obamacare Successes No One Is Talking About

  323. Obama 'Seething' Over Site Launch

  324. New Insurance Rules Provide Big Boost To Mental Health Coverage

  325. Issa Accused Of Editing SelectivelyAgain

  326. Obama Considers Administrative Fix For Health Law Sticker Shock

  327. Another Obamacare 'Victim' Will Likely Save Thousands!

  328. Obama Apologizes For Health Care Problems: 'I Am Sorry'

  329. Good News For The Future Of Obamacare

  330. Obamacare Battle Gets Personal

  331. Senate Democrats Vent To Obama About Broken Health Care Website

  332. IT Manager At Center Of Obamacare Mess Set To Retire

  333. Top Dem Not Worried By Obamacare Hiccups Just Yet

  334. Obama Promotes Health Care Law In Texas

  335. Obama Promises To Smooth Out Health Care Issues

  336. Here's The Dumbest Critique Of Obamacare (So Far, Anyway)

  337. Obamacare's Sickest Beneficiaries Have To Switch Health Plans

  338. Obama Asks Insurance Executives To Help Explain Cancellation Letters

  339. How Obamacare Is Being Sold To Skeptics

  340. Lawmakers Aim To Fulfill Obama's Disputed Health Care Pledge

  342. GOP Senator Calls For Obamacare 'Time-Out'

  343. Obamacare Website Going Down Again For Maintenance

  344. The Truth About Those Canceled Healthcare Plans

  345. Here's The Right's Most Loathsome Obamacare Lie Yet

  346. Obamacare Birth Control Mandate Struck Down

  347. Obamacare Website May Be Broken, But AARP's Got It Covered

  348. The New Yorker's Obamacare Cover Is Amazing

  349. Here's How We All Really Feel About Obamacare

  350. Survey Debunks Major Health Care Concern

  351. Document Shows Low Obamacare Enrollment In First Days

  352. Conservatives Pour Millions Into Anti-Obamacare Ads

  353. Here's Why Sebelius Isn't Joining An Obamacare Exchange

  354. Obama 'Not Happy' With Healthcare Woes

  355. Sebelius Takes Blame For Obamacare Glitches

  356. Congress Grills Sebelius Over Obamacare

  357. Anderson Cooper Hits White House Over Obamacare Glitches

  358. Document Shows Obamacare Website Posed Security Risk

  359. Healthcare.gov Problems Could Be Devastating For Low-Income Americans

  360. White House Grants Obamacare Enrollment Extension

  361. Dems Call On Obama Administration To Delay Health Care Deadlines

  362. Wait A Month!

  363. Obama Administration Aims To Put Lingering Health Care Fears To Rest

  364. 'SNL' Troubleshoots Obamacare Website Problems

  365. Official: Obamacare Will Meet Key Deadline Despite Website Woes

  366. Obama's Health Care Woes May Have Staying Power

  367. Republicans Eye Troubled Health Care Rollout With Glee

  368. White House Forecasts Progress On Health Care Debacle

  370. Pelosi Says She's Not Disappointed In Obamacare For A 'Nanosecond'

  371. The Michele Bachmann Obamacare Claim That Just Isn't True

  372. Sean Hannity Call to ACA Hotline Gets A Woman Fired

  373. Obamacare Website Contractors Admit Big Failure

  374. 6 most brazen right-wing lies about Obamacare

  375. Republicans’ embarrassing Obamacare overreach backfires

  376. Dean Puts Big Blame On GOP
  377. Obamacare Could Mean Fewer People Behind Bars

  378. Obamacare Rating Improves Slightly

  379. Health Insurers Try To Rescue HealthCare.Gov

  380. The World's Most Idiotic Obamacare Comments

  381. Sebelius: Obamacare 'Isn't A Website'

  382. Ohio Medicaid Expansion Funding Approved

  383. Key GOP Anti-Obamacare Claim BUSTED

  384. Fox News PR Used Fake Accounts To Push Back At Negative Commenters
  385. Ted Cruz Distorts Affordable Care Act Impact On Seniors, Children
  386. Obama Speaks On Health Care Law Rollout Problems
  387. President Admits 'No Excuse' For Obamacare Website Failures

  388. Obamacare Applications Top 467,000 Since Rollout, Sources Say
  389. Obama Frustrated With Health Care Website Issues

  390. Obamacare Is Winning in Kentucky, Thanks to Steve Beshear
  391. Sean Hannity Gets Fact-Checked Hard On Obamacare Claims
  392. The People Who Need Obamacare Most Don't Know How To Get It
  393. Obamacare Website Failure Threatens Health Coverage For Millions Of Americans
  394. Republicans’ biggest misunderstanding about Obamacare
  395. Tech experts wary of more Obamacare glitches
  396. You Might Hate Obamacare, But It's Saved These People's Lives
  397. 9 Valid Concerns We Can All Have About Obamacare, Without Thinking It Will Literally Bring Hell On Earth
  398. White House Says It Is Fixing Obamacare Website Glitches
  399. Measuring Obamacare enrollment is actually kind of tricky
  400. Health Exchange Delays Tied to Software Crash in Early Rush
  401. Survey Shows Confusion Over Health Care Law but Support for Medicaid Expansion
  402. The Affordable Care Act Works
  403. Shutdown Din Obscures Health Exchange Flaws
  404. Republicans Put Forth Ugly Image
  405. Closer Look at Polls Finds Views of Health Law a Bit Less Negative
  406. Questions and Answers on the Premium Tax Credit
  407. Because Fox Asked, Here Are Examples Of People Who Were Denied Health Care
  409. Most People Don't Know Obamacare Sign-Up Starts Next Month: Survey
  410. Poll Reveals Divide On Obamacare, Affordable Care Act... Even Though They're The Same Thing
  411. Obamacare Premiums Report Shows Low Prices For Uninsured With Wide Variation
  412. What Will You Pay For Obamacare? Depends On Where You Live
  413. Top 16 myths about the health care law
  414. Ted Cruz lies about the ACA


When Medicare plan D was rolled out on line a less than a decade ago, it took 4 months for the website to function; all the loudest critics of the ACA rollout now were calling for patience and singing from the same hymn book about the virtues of the program. Democrats by and large were against it as too much was given to big Pharma and a massive donut hole was left in the plan that saw the elderly reach a cap whereby from that point on over the year they had to pay full price on their medicinal needs until a higher level was reached before subsidies kicked in. 

Instead of deriding the Medicare rollout, Democrats took the time and effort to work with Republicans to sort out the programs shortfall. Now Republicans are trying to make capital out of a 3 week old program as if the website is all the ACA is, there is no effort being made to improve the program, no Republican is looking for cost savings. They’ve made the website the issue. 

This is low politics at its worst and shows just how fallacious and spurious Republicans have become when all they have is a manufactured message while expecting the electorate to be so detached from the recent past that they forget that Medicare plan D also had a 4 month long rocky start. The Democrats worked to improve the Republican plan as they saw that even though it wasn’t great, with some tinkering it would help a lot of elder constituents. 

Republicans don’t want to try to even suggest how the ACA could be improved, they have no plan of their own and like Medicare D, the ACA is not perfect but it will help a lot of people in America. That anyone could support this duplicitous political noise machine as they do the opposite of what they did a few years ago is both astounding and mind boggling. 

They really do think America lacks the intelligence to see how dishonest they are being over a website with rollout problems. Where are the honest adults in the Republican congress that were there championing Medicare D through its teething problems? Why are they deliberately masking the recent past as if cooperation and compromise didn’t exist? 

And why are they fixated on selling nothing but false narratives? It’s as if the whole lot of them don’t think that video archives and sound archives don’t exist that shows them in their full and glaring dishonesty.

If you are without insurance and having trouble signing up for OBAMA CARE...you have two important decision ahead...

1) you can keep trying on website, call the help centers, visit a help navigatior..or

2) be a dumb assss and let a dumb assss Republican who has insurance talk you out of getting insurance for your family...

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