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Black Resources

Black Resources



AIDS Combat Zone
Airline Flight Tracker
Airlines (Toll-free Numbers)
Alcoholics Anonymous
American Diabetes Association
American History Major Documents
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Asian American Organizations
Ask a Doctor
Ask an Expert
Ask Jeeves
ATM Locator


Balm in Gilead
Better Business Bureaus
Black AIDS Institute
Black Bookstores
Black College Sports Scores
Black Organizations
Black Web Links
Books (Top 100, non-fiction)
Breast Cancer
Broadway Shows (New York City)


Census Bureau
Centurion Ministries (helps free innocent prisoners)
Chambers of Commerce
Charitable Organizations (filings)
Child Development
Children (Stats)
Children Web Sites
Children's Defense Fund
CIA World Factbook
Civil Rights Project at UCLA
Colleges that do not use SAT or ACT for Admission
Community Organizing
Congress (Locating a Member)
Congressional Research Service Reports
Conversion (of almost everything, including kilometers, celsius, Troy Pounds and megabytes)

Constitution on Online Law Degree
Cost of Living Calculator
Countdown to any Date
Credit Reports (free; no gimmicks)
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (reform)
Currency Converter

Criminology Programs 1


Democratic National Committee
Diet and Nutrition
Do Not Call Telephone Registry
Domain Names
Domestic Violence Centers and Shelters (national)
Domestic Violence Hotlines (national and state)
Drug information (pharmaceutical)
Drugs and Generic Brands



Understanding Government Systems Around the World

Federal Government News and Analysis

Three Branches of Government: Guide for Kids

Government and the Market: Lesson Plans

Teaching Students about the Central Bank


Education Info

Black Colleges

Social Exchange

Screen Shots

Content Writing

Press Releases - Article Creation

Books For Sale

Black Authors