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Positive Black Brothers:Resources To Motivate, Inspire And Enlighten

Profiles Of Positive People With Positive Stories


Urban Rascals Production Company, will be a Leader for the needed *Urban Media/Outlet, for today’s Youth, Family and Communites. We represent **Positive Role Models and **Positive Outlets though Entertainment, Education and Fashion.
Urban Rascals Production Company is dedicated to bring, Cultural Diversity, Health Awareness, Educating the Youth (Socially, Academically and Community Building), by utilizing the Entertainment.
Urban Rascals Production Company Strengths are, noticing changes that occur with the times and using, New Fresh, and Creative Talents (ex. Writers, Directors, Producer, ect.), who’s visions THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

Urban Rascals Production Company makes it our duty to break down Social Stereotypes and Conventional Biases. And most important, we’re listening and observing the needs and changes of OUR AUDIENCE,THE YOUTH,THEIR PARENTS AND THE COMMUNITIES.
* URBAN (Inner City’s Diversities of Cultures, Race & Nationalities)


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is a Super Hero Series about, Keisha Maria Gonzales Smith (KEKE), A 9 year Old Outspoken, Carefree Afro-American Girl. Alongside of Keke, is her Multi-Rascal-Cultural Crew (URBAN).
(Sammy, Bobby, Tommy, Jenny, etc.).

Through 70% Live and 30% Animated, we follow the Adventures of these Urban Children in their Neighborhood, at School and their Hang Out “IMAGINATION ALLEY”. Production Company (URBAN RASCALS) will target this Untapped Market, which is Underrepresented in TODAYS MEDIA.
BUT Most Of All This Series will give this Market a Positive View and Voice of THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Unique, Fun and Exciting, *Urban* Children’s/Tween’s/Teen’s Entertainment Company, is looking for a, Progressive Sponsor or Partner.

The CEO of this Entertainment Company is Multi-Talented in this Field Gearing and Developing Projects for TODAY’S YOUTH.

*Urban*-Multi-Cultural and Diverse Communities

Multi-Talented Strong Female Intelligent, Wise, Progressive & Inclusive:

1) Writer: Screen Plays, Stage Plays, Books
2) Creator: Children’s/Tween’s/Teen’s Projects
3) Director/Producer/Editor/Casting: Film, Video, TV, Commercial Ads
4) Recording Artist, Performer, Actress
5) Web Designer
6) Motivational Speaker Rascals Urban Rascals LLC

Captain Coach



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