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How Positive Black Brothers Covered The Trayvon Martin Story

This s IS NOT an official site for Trayvon, just a page with compiled information that can be shared with anyone with an interest. There are no opinions of my/our own on this page, just links to articles of interest.
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Zimmerman is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk PHOTOS: 'Justice For Trayvon' Rally Hits Miami.

The DOJ has set up an email address to receive correspondence concerning the federal investigation re Trayvon Martin:

Compiled From A Variety Of Sources

There are a variety of articles that mentions the Zimmermans. These articles will not be posted below because they do not have anything to do with Trayvon Martin. If interested, you can view these "unrelated directly to Trayvon" articles at
  1. Trayvon Martin to be awarded honorary college degree
  2. Trayvon Martin's parents defend his legacy with new book
  3. Trayvon Martin's Parents Will Release Their Book in January
  4. Lawyer Investigates the Zimmerman Trial In New Book
  5. If Trayvon Had Lived, His Dad Thinks He’d Have Done This
  6. Trayvon Martin: A Look Back On The Case From Then To Now
  7. Trayvon Martin Turned Attention to Public Health Threat of Gun Violence
  8. Goodman Theatre Tackles Trayvon Martin Killing
  9. Trayvon’s Parents Support Jordan Davis’ Family
  10. Not Wearing Hoodies Won’t Keep You From Being Murdered
  11. “Your Life Matters” Keeps Trayvon Martin’s Legacy Alive With Inspiring Celeb Tributes
  12. Zimmerman Won't Say He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin
  13. Trayvon’s Parents Support Jordan Davis’ Family
  14. If Trayvon Had Lived, His Dad Thinks He’d Have Done This
  15. Trayvon Martin And 2013 Revealed Harsh Reality Of Racism In America
  16. Trayvon Martin's Parents To Release A Book
  17. Another State Moving Towards 'Stand Your Ground' Bill
  18. Trayvon Martin's Mom Makes Impassioned Plea Against 'Stand Your Ground'
  19. Trayvon Martin Day Canceled At Pittsburgh High School After Parents Complain
  20. Singer’s Trayvon Martin Song Wonders Who Teen Could Have Been
  21. Trayvon Martin's Mom To Testify About 'Stand Your Ground'
  22. WATCH: Alabama State Marching Band Salutes Trayvon Martin
  23. Bill O'Reilly: Trayvon Martin Died Because He 'Looked A Certain Way' (VIDEO)
  24. Medical Examiner In Zimmerman Trial Sues For $100M, Claims Prosecution Threw Case [VIDEO]
  25. Sybrina Fulton Releases Music Single, 'Joy In The Morning,' In Honor of Trayvon Martin
  26. New Bill Would Restrain Neighborhood Crime Watch Members
  27. Donors Contribute $50K To Trayvon Martin Foundation
  28. Zimmerman Asks State To Pay Legal Fees After Acquittal
  29. NAACP Continues Pursuit In George Zimmerman Case
  30. Shellie Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's Wife, To 'Think About' Staying Married To Him
  31. Trayvon Martin Killer Asks State To Reimburse Legal Expenses
  32. Paula Deen Shoots Trayvon Martin In New SVU Episode
  33. Colin Powell: Trayvon Martin Verdict 'Questionable'
  34. George Zimmerman Reportedly Shops For Shotgun In Florida
  35. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's Mother, Speaks Out Against Stop-And-Frisk (VIDEO)
  36. Florida Dem Sponsors 'Stand Your Ground' Repeal
  37. The Game Gets Trayvon Martin Tattoo
  38. Florida Lawmakers Reject 'Stand Your Ground' Special Session
  39. Trayvon Martin Shooting Reenacted In New Ad Calling For End To Stand Your Ground Laws
  40. A Tribute to trayvon
  41. Dancing Group Stages Flash Mob In Manhattan For Trayvon, Demands End To “Stand Your Ground” Law
  42. One Month Later: Trayvon Martin and an Unexpected Moment of Clarity
  43. Kim Kardashian blasted over teyvon martins comments
  44. Obama Wastes Trayvon Moment on 'Leno' Talking About Black Criminality
  45. Florida Sheriffs Come Out Against Stand Your Ground
  46. Florida Artist Unveils Painting Of Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon
  47. Ebony Responds To 'Trayvon' Cover Backlash With Awesomely Snarky Tweets
  48. George Zimmerman's Life On Bond: Neighborhood Watchman Ordered Bulletproof Vest, Moved Three Times
  49. George Zimmerman's Biggest Defender: A Racist With a Criminal Past
  50. Steve Stockman: 'We Spent More Time On Trayvon Martin Than We Did' On Benghazi
  51. Oprah: Trayvon Martin The 'Same Thing' As Emmett Till (VIDEO)
  52. Poll Throws Zimmerman In With Presidential Candidates
  53. Gawker Publishes Image Of Trayvon Martin's Dead Body From MSNBC
  54. Florida To Hold 'Stand Your Ground' Hearings After Will Weatherford Agrees To Revisit Law
  55. Never Forget: Trayvon’s Hoodie May Be Displayed In African American History Museum
  56. T.I.: If Trayvon Was My Son, Zimmerman Would Be Dead
  57. Racial Profiling Bill Looks For Boost From Trayvon Martin Outrage
  58. Trayvon Martin’s Mother: ‘Use My Broken Heart’ [VIDEO]
  59. Buckeye Firearms Foundation Defends Raising Money To Buy A Gun For George Zimmerman (VIDEO)
  60. Trayvon Martin's parents to join National Bar for news conference today
  61. Neighborhood patrols ponder gun use after Zimmerman case
  62. Marchers in Sanford demanding Angela Corey's resignation after George Zimmerman verdict
  63. Zimmerman's Brother: Civil Lawsuit 'Might Not Be Very Flattering' To Martin's Family
  64. Conservative Black Chick: Trayvon’s Mom ‘Manufacturing Race War,’ ‘Didn’t Care About Him’
  65. Rescued Family: We Don't Want To Be Associated With George Zimmerman [VIDEO]
  66. Jay-Z Opens Up About The Zimmerman Verdict
  67. Chaka Khan Boycotts Florida, Talks Hometown Celebration And Ending Chicago's Gun Violence
  68. Zimmerman's Brother: Civil Lawsuit 'Might Not Be Very Flattering' To Martin's Family
  69. Democrat Applies Pressure To 'Stand Your Ground' States With New Bill
  70. Trayvon Martin’s Parents Respond To Juror B29′s ‘Devastating’ Revelations
  71. George Zimmerman Trial Juror B29 Says He 'Got Away With Murder'
  72. Op-ed: An open letter to my unborn son
  73. WATCH: 'A Dedication To Trayvon Martin'
  74. Zimmerman open letter author talks about post that went viral
  75. Jay Z On George Zimmerman: 'This Guy Is A Novice' And A 'F--king Mall Cop'
  76. Caucus On Black Men And Boys Seeks To Prevent Another Trayvon Martin Tragedy
  77. Trayvon Martin's Father Makes Impassioned Plea
  78. What Everyone Missed About The Trayvon Martin Case
  79. Family Zimmerman helped rescue after crash worried about publicity
  80. ROLAND MARTIN: Zimmerman Defense ‘Idiotic’ And ‘Pathetic’ To Say Trayvon Was Armed With A Sidewalk
  81. Jay Z, Kanye, Madonna Join Stevie Wonder's Florida Boycott In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict
  82. Sanford police deliver George Zimmerman case evidence to FBI
  83. Trayvon Martin's Dad Meeting With Congress
  84. A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers
  85. 'Justice For Trayvon' Rallies Set For 100 Cities
  86. 'Justice for Trayvon' rallies begin
  87. Joe Scarborough: Sean Hannity Using Trayvon Martin's Death 'To Gin Up His Ratings' (VIDEO)
  88. Obama Takes Over White House Press Briefing To Speak On Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)
  89. Obama Trayvon Martin Speech Transcript: President Comments On George Zimmerman Verdict
  90. Obama Asks For 'Soul Searching' After Martin Shooting
  91. Obama Calls For Review Of 'Stand Your Ground' Laws After Trayvon Martin Verdict
  92. Obama Recalls Getting Followed, People Locking Doors On Him -- In Other Words, Being A Black Man In America
  93. Jamie Foxx Backs Trayvon Martin's Mom 'Forever'
  94. Newt Gingrich Spars With Dem Rep Over Hoodie
  95. Michelle Alexander: "Zimmerman Mindset" Endangers Young Black Lives with Poverty, Prison & Murder
  96. George Zimmerman Can't Have His Old Gun Back
  97. Darryl E. Owens: After Trayvon, where's outrage over black-on-black violence?
  98. Beth Kassab: Zimmerman shouldn't take back gun that killed Trayvon
  99. "I Felt Like It Was My Son": Thousands Protest George Zimmerman Acquittal in Trayvon Martin Killing
  100. Zimmerman Jurors Under Scrutiny As Sheriff’s Office Admits To Unsupervised Visits
  101. Trayvon Martin’s Unpunished Shooting Death Among 100+ Extrajudicial Killings of Unarmed Blacks
  102. Trayvon's Mom: 'I Have No Clue' Now How My Oldest Son Should Stay Safe
  103. Trayvon Martin’s Parents To Rally With Al Sharpton And National Action Network
  104. Trayvon Martin’s Parents Speak Out On ‘The View’
  105. Senate Subcommittee Will Debate Stand Your Ground
  106. Charles Barkley ‘Agrees’ With GZ Verdict, Says ‘Black People Are Racist Too’
  107. Robert Zimmerman Jr: ‘I Agree With President Obama’s Speech’ [VIDEO]
  108. Leaders Demand Meeting With Fla. Governor On Trayvon Martin
  109. Trayvon Martin Parents, Sybrina Fulton And Tracy Martin, Speak Out For First Time Since Zimmerman Verdict (VIDEO)
  110. Liars: Zimmerman’s Lawyers Don’t Seem Scared At All
  111. Bill Cosby: You Can’t Prove George Zimmerman Is Racist [VIDEO]
  112. Why 'Kill George Zimmerman' Facebook Pages Still Exist
  113. Martin Bashir: George W. Bush Is A Hoodlum, Not Trayvon Martin [VIDEO]
  114. Oakland Cafe Has Amazing Response To Broken Window After Zimmerman Protests
  115. Bruce Springsteen's Trayvon Martin Dedication Performed At Show In Ireland
  116. Twitter User Who Helped Stop Juror B37's Book Deal Speaks To NewsOne
  117. What Goes Around, Comes Around: Zimmerman, Lawyers Are Scared
  118. Beth Kassab: Zimmerman jury should be public
  119. Martial Arts Instructor PROVES George Zimmerman LIED!
  120. Revs. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton to speak at NAACP convention in Orlando
  121. Juror B37 Says George Zimmerman 'Justified' In Shooting Trayvon
  122. Tom Joyner Makes Incredible Offer To Rachel Jeantel
  123. Eric Holder Opens Up About Trayvon Martin Case
  124. 54 People Were Shot Dead In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial
  125. What If Zimmerman Were Black?
  126. Juror B37 On Zimmerman Trial 'Sure' Voice On 911 Tape Was George, Not Trayvon Martin
  127. Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida Over Stand Your Ground Laws, Zimmerman Verdict
  128. Boxing Olympian Calls Zimmerman Verdict ‘Slap In The Face,’ Will No Longer Rep U.S. Flag
  129. Washington Post Defends Richard Cohen Column Justifying Trayvon Martin Profiling
  130. David Simon On George Zimmerman Verdict: I'm 'Ashamed' To Identify As American
  131. Zimmerman Could In Fact End Up On A Witness Stand
  132. The 10 Best Moments From Rachel Jeantel On Piers Morgan Live (VIDEO)
  133. LOOK: 8 Florida Republicans Who Love 'Stand Your Ground'
  134. Whoopi's Tough Questions For Zimmerman Lawyers
  135. Boycott Florida Tourism Until Stand Your Ground Repealed, Petition Says
  136. Sharp Racial Divide In Zimmerman Coverage
  137. Detroit Trayvon Martin Protest Calls For Justice, Remembers Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Child Shot By Cop (PHOTOS)
  138. The 6 Decisions That Could Have Saved Trayvon Martin's Life
  139. White House: Obama Won't Press Justice Department On Zimmerman
  140. NY Daily News' Powerful Trayvon Martin Front Page (PHOTO)
  143. Lance-gross-posts-open-letter-to-george-zimmerman
  144. Reaction Videos
  145. Trayvon Martin Verdict Sparks Hoodie Sunday At Black Churches
  146. Trayvon Martin's Father Writes Heartbreaking Tweets Minutes After George Zimmerman Verdict
  147. Obama On George Zimmerman Verdict: 'Honor Trayvon Martin' By Stemming Gun Violence
  148. Zimmerman Lawyer: We Will Move 'ASAP' Against NBC News
  150. Rihanna Sounds Off On Zimmerman Trial
  151. Protesters Block LA Freeway Over Zimmerman Verdict
  152. PHOTOS: Protesters In New York City March For Trayvon
  153. WATCH: Melissa Harris-Perry's Incredibly Personal Reaction To Zimmerman Verdict
  154. Trayvon Martin Protests In Oakland Evoke Déjà Vu
  155. Tavis Smiley: George Zimmerman Verdict Evidence Of Society's 'Contempt' For Black Men
  156. WATCH: Zimmerman's Brother Gives Tasteless Interview
  157. Martin Luther King Jr. Hoodie Image Honoring Trayvon Martin Takes Internet By Storm (PHOTO)
  158. Al Sharpton: George Zimmerman Verdict 'An Atrocity' (VIDEO)
  159. George Zimmerman Coverage: Journalists And Pundits React Emotionally To Not Guilty Verdict
  160. Zimmerman Found Not Guilty In Trayvon Martin’s Death
  161. Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton Respond To Zimmerman ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict
  162. George Zimmerman trial: Defense's closing argument today 7/12
  163. George Zimmerman trial: Defendant 'profiled Trayvon as a criminal' prosecutor claims
  164. Law enforcement agencies prep for George Zimmerman trial verdict
  165. Charges the Zimmerman jury will consider
  166. Judge issues key rulings, defense expert testifies
  167. George Zimmerman trial: State's closing argument today
    In opening, prosecutor said Zimmerman "profiled, followed and murdered an unarmed youth."
  168. George Zimmerman trial: Gunpowder marks at center of day's analyses by experts
  169. George Zimmerman trial: Rulings expected; defense could rest today - 7/10
  170. George Zimmerman's Father Identifies The 'True Racists' In New Book
  171. Zimmerman trial: Defense may rest, Zimmerman hasn't decided on whether to testify
  172. Judge issues key rulings, defense expert testifies
  173. George Zimmerman: Florida deputies release PSA about violence after verdict
  174. George Zimmerman trial: Defense testimony continues today - 7/9
  175. George Zimmerman trial: Trayvon's father takes the stand
  176. Scott Maxwell: In Zimmerman/Martin case, some see only what they want
  177. George Zimmerman trial: Jury hears from former teacher, DNA and gun experts
  178. George Zimmerman trial: State asks for inquiry into ice-cream photo, 'stupidity' caption
  179. George Zimmerman trial: Defense testimony continues today 7/8
  180. Scott Maxwell: In Zimmerman/Martin case, some see only what they want
  181. George Zimmerman trial: Both moms take the stand
  182. George Zimmerman trial: State asks for inquiry into ice-cream photo, 'stupidity' caption
  183. George Zimmerman: Analysts bury M.E.
  184. George Zimmerman trial: The week 2 in review
  185. The top 10 crucial moments in George Zimmerman's murder trial so far
  186. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony continues today - 7/3
  187. Lead investigator's testimony continues
  188. George Zimmerman trial: Jury hears his own words
  189. Darryl E. Owens: Zimmerman's defense succeeded in portraying Rachel Jeantel as the Angry Black Woman
  190. 4 of 5 Sanford cops most involved in George Zimmerman case now in different jobs
  191. Key witness holds firm that Zimmerman was aggressor
  192. CNN, HLN Televising Dueling Zimmerman Trial Shows
  193. George Zimmerman Trial: Sanford Police Officer Testifies As Audio Interview Is Played For The First Time
  194. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony continues today - 7/1
  195. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony continues with FBI expert
  196. How much of a role have race, racism played in Zimmerman trial?
  197. George Zimmerman trial: MMA-day in Trayvon Martin shooting case
    Jurors still haven't heard from Trayvon Martin's parents, Sanford PD lead investigator.
  198. Key witness holds firm that Zimmerman was aggressor
  199. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony continues today Jurors still haven't heard from Trayvon Martin's parents, Sanford PD lead investigator.
  200. George Zimmerman trial: State's key witness talks about Trayvon Martin's last moments
  201. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony of key witness continues today 6/27
    Rachel Jeantel, 19, says she heard Trayvon Martin say "get off, get off."
  202. Why only six jurors in George Zimmerman trial?
  203. George Zimmerman: Will he testify?
  204. George Zimmerman trial: Testimony continues today; jury will hear past Zimmerman calls
  205. Trayvon family attorney turns up at Seminole NAACP meeting, calls Zimmerman 'every parent's worst nightmare'
  206. George Zimmerman trial: State's key witness talks about Trayvon Martin's last moments
    Jurors saw shooting-scene photos of Trayvon's body during testimony Tuesday.
  207. George Zimmerman trial: Opening statements passionate, profane, methodical
  208. George Zimmerman trial: Opening statements today Attorneys on both sides will lay out their cases in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.
  209. How to get a seat at the George Zimmerman trial
  210. Zimmerman trial lawyers have very different styles
  211. George Zimmerman Trial Judge: Audio Testimony Prohibited
  212. George Zimmerman trial: State can say Trayvon Martin was profiled
  213. George Zimmerman trial: No ruling on audio experts
  214. Pastors focus on peace before Zimmerman trial
  215. George Zimmerman trial: Ruling expected today on 911 audio testimony Opening arguments Monday in Trayvon Martin shooting case.
  216. All-Female Jury Chosen In Zimmerman Trial
  217. George Zimmerman trial: Jury selection continues today - Panel of 10 — six jurors, four alternates — sought to try Trayvon Martin shooting case.
  218. George Zimmerman trial: Round 2 of jury selection today
  219. Civil-rights group claims dismissed George Zimmerman juror was defamed
  220. George Zimmerman trial: No decision on experts; jury selection continues
  221. Monday 6/17 - George Zimmerman trial: Jury selection continues today
  222. At Zimmerman trial prosecutors won't use 'profiled' in opening statement
  223. New study: Races differ in how they view delay in arrest of George Zimmerman
  224. Dismissed Zimmerman juror banned from Seminole courthouse
  225. George Zimmerman trial: Zimmerman's dad releases Amazon book
  226. George Zimmerman trial: Jury will be sequestered, judge rules
  227. George Zimmerman trial: Day 5 of jury selection in Trayvon Martin shooting
  228. George Zimmerman trial: Day 4 of jury selection in Trayvon Martin shooting
  229. George Zimmerman trial: Day 3 of jury selection in Trayvon Martin shooting
  230. George Zimmerman trial: Day 2 of jury selection for Trayvon Martin shooting
  231. George Zimmerman trial: First day of jury selection over in Trayvon Martin shooting
  232. Crowd grows oustide Zimmerman trial courthouse
  233. George Zimmerman trial: Jury selection begins today in Trayvon Martin shooting
  234. George Zimmerman trial protest restrictions too broad, ACLU says
  235. Legal team makes errors in dubious attempt to clear zimmerman
  236. New evidence: Zimmerman applied to become a cop but was rejected
  237. Trayvon Martin video: He recorded 2 homeless men fighting over a bicycle
  238. George Zimmerman jurors will be anonymous at trial, judge rules
  239. 'Stand Your Ground' Laws To Be Scrutinized For Racial Bias By Civil Rights Commission
  240. George Zimmerman Defense Fund Almost Gone As Trial Date Approaches
  241. George Zimmerman’s Attorney Attempts To Smear Image Of Trayvon Martin
  242. Zimmerman’s Legal Team Attempts To Undercut 911 Call Evidence, Call Could Sink Defense’s Case
  243. George Zimmerman won't have pre-trial 'stand your ground' hearing
  244. O'Mara, Crump agree: Social media playing key role in Trayvon case
  245. Prosecutors add George Zimmerman's wife, mom, brother to witness list
  246. George Zimmerman witness list tops 200 as settlement dispute continues
  247. Trayvon Martin Target: Police Officer Ron King Fired For Bringing Offensive Target To Gun Range 
  248. Trayvon’s Parents Respond To Gladys Zimmerman’s ‘Disingenuous, Disrespectful’ Letter
  249. George Zimmerman's Mother, Gladys Zimmerman, Pens Open Letter On One Year Anniversary Of Son's Arrest
  250. Trayvon Martin's Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit
  251. Benjamin Crump: Judge, don't make me answer questions from George Zimmerman's lawyers
  252. George Zimmerman's Brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., Stirs Firestorm With Racially Charged Comparison
  253. FDLE gives Zimmerman its homework on Trayvon's girlfriend, parents
  254. George Zimmerman lawyer: No 'stand your ground' hearing in April
  255. Zimmerman lawyers depose 13-year-old who heard screams, cries for help
  256. FBI to Zimmerman: We don't have to give you our file, despite judge's order
  257. Anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death: A time of waiting
  258. Judge: Zimmerman defense can't depose Trayvon Martin family attorney
  259. Zimmerman's attorneys: Make Ben Crump sit down and answer questions
  260. Judge denies George Zimmerman's request to delay 'stand your ground' hearing
  261. Defense lawyers seek Trayvon's voice recordings from girlfriend
  262. Crowds turn out for Trayvon Martin peace walk in Miami
  263. Sanford rally promotes peace on Trayvon Martin's birthday - 2/5/2013
  264. O'Mara: State unlocked trove of info from Trayvon's cellphone
  265. Judge denies George Zimmerman's request to delay trial
  266. O'Mara: We've spent $300,000 on George Zimmerman and are desperate for more donations
  267. Group gathers to commemorate Trayvon's birthday before Zimmerman court hearing
  268. Defense deposes witness who says Trayvon was on top, Zimmerman crying for help
  269. Bodyguards sue George Zimmerman, Mark O'Mara
  270. Judge denies motion to take George Zimmerman off GPS tracking
  271. New Zimmerman motions: Trayvon Martin shooter asks judge to remove GPS monitor
  272. George Zimmerman sues NBC for coverage of Trayvon Martin case
  273. Robert Zimmerman, I Appreciate Your Letter, But You Didn't Kill Trayvon Martin by Michael Skolnik
  274. George Zimmerman defense releases bloody face photo
  275. George Zimmerman seeks donors with offer of autograph
  276. Zimmerman Prosecutor Makes Gaffe In Case By Leaking Witness Names
  277. George Zimmerman lawyers to depose first cop on the scene of Trayvon's shooting
  278. Zimmerman website to post all case documents
  279. George Zimmerman's team to question more witnesses
  280. Judge denies gag order in George Zimmerman murder case
  281. New York Times, CBS, NBC, others fight move to seal Zimmerman subpoenas
  282. Trayvon tragedy spotlights how minorities often work to fit in
  283. George Zimmerman judge: I'll decide Monday (10/29/12) on gag order
  284. Prosecutor's new filing: Zimmerman defense using social media for 'spin'
  285. George Zimmerman's lawyers: Cops will testify for us in murder case
  286. George Zimmerman defense, national media prepare to fight gag order request
  287. Judge: Zimmerman defense can go after Trayvon records, social media accounts
  288. George Zimmerman Trial Date Set: Trayvon Martin Shooter's Trial Scheduled For June 10th, 2013
  289. New York Times, CBS, NBC, others fight move to seal Zimmerman subpoenas
  290. O'Mara's strategy shift: Race has no place in Zimmerman case
  291. 'Halloween Hoodie' campaign spins off of Trayvon Martin's shooting death
  292. O'Mara to depose eight Sanford cops next week
  293. O'Mara: Zimmerman's brother does not speak for us
  294. After Trayvon Martin shooting, federal mediator Thomas Battles worked to keep Sanford calm
  295. Dueling scenarios helped shape Trayvon story in epic media battle
  296. George Zimmerman Sues NBC Over Omission in 911 Tape
  297. Zimmerman attorney to speak at national gun-rights convention
  298. Prosecutors: Keep Trayvon Martin's school records secret
  299. Shellie Zimmerman gets a continuance in perjury case
  300. New George Zimmerman evidence released today: DNA, photos, witness sketches
  301. Ivey Lane's evolution: From Rodney King to Trayvon Martin
  302. George Zimmerman defense wants Trayvon Martin school records
  303. Woman yelling about Trayvon Martin case at VA clinic charged with disorderly conduct
  304. George Zimmerman's new judge: Debra S. Nelson
  305. Zimmerman's mother-in-law charged with DUI in Volusia
  306. George Zimmerman Judge, Kenneth Lester, Ordered By Court To Disqualify Himself
  307. George Zimmerman gets permission to travel to Orange County
  308. George Zimmerman: Let me move out of Seminole County
  309. Prosecutors expected to weigh in today on whether judge should stay on Zimmerman case
  310. George Zimmerman defense to shut down Facebook page
  311. Trayvon Martin case: How courts in other countries might deal with a similar killing
  312. George Zimmerman fights subpoena asking for release of medical records
  313. Experts: Trayvon Martin's heart kept pumping after shooting
  314. George Zimmerman's Lawyer, Mark O'Mara, Pursuing Traditional Self-Defense
  315. George Zimmerman's lawyer: Judge must go because of 'gratuitous, disparaging remarks'
  316. George Zimmerman's lawyer: George is nearly broke, wants public to pay his legal costs
  317. Can Zimmerman win 'stand your ground' hearing?
  318. No Surprise: Zimmerman To Use Stand Your Ground Defense In Murder Trial
  319. New evidence: Photo of Trayvon Martin's body, Zimmerman's school records released
  320. Journalism organization to hold Trayvon Martin panel discussion
  321. Bad feelings have festered in Sanford, shattered community's trust
  322. Trayvon’s Mother To Sue Insurance Company Of Townhome Community Where Son Died
  323. Trayvon Martin's Family Sued By Insurance Company Disputing Mother's Claim Against Homeowners
  324. George Zimmerman judge: No, I won't step aside
  325. George Zimmerman judge holds 'stand your ground' hearing in another murder case
  326. Sanford conducts meeting on ideas for Trayvon Martin memorial — yet city has no plans to implement
  327. Neighbor who defended Zimmerman in interviews arrested on DUI charge
  328. Shellie Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's Wife, Pleads Not Guilty On Perjury Charge
  329. George Zimmerman: Zimmerman's parents launch fundraising website
  330. Zimmerman judge wins high marks in poll
  331. Judge Orders 6 ‘Secret’ Witnesses’ Names Released In Zimmerman Case
  332. Trayvon Martin case reveals undercurrent of racial tension, distrust in Sanford
  333. Civil-rights group marches in Sanford to honor Trayvon Martin
  334. More twists as Zimmerman takes his case public
  335. Zimmerman spent $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills
  336. More Zimmerman/Hannity interview to be on the web today
  337. We asked you: Was George Zimmerman unfairly cast as a racist?
  338. Zimmerman Out Of Money? Asks Barbara Walters To Pay Hotel Bill & Relaunches Site For Funds
  339. Zimmerman Prosecutor: I’ll Use Fox News Interview Against Him!
  340. George Zimmerman apologizes in interview with Sean Hannity | Video
  341. Zimmerman On Fateful Night With Trayvon: ‘I Feel As Though It Was All In God’s Plan’
  342. Special prosecutor: George Zimmerman judge should stay on the case
  343. Zimmerman Jail Calls: Lawyer Knew Of Hidden Cash
  344. Family Friend Claims She Was Molested By George Zimmerman
  345. Video: Will accusations of molestation have an effect on Zimmerman's trial?
  346. Audio: Pt 1 'Witness 9' says Zimmerman molested her when they were young
  347. Audio: Pt 2 'Witness 9' says Zimmerman molested and she wanted it to stop
  348. Audio: Pt 3 'Witness 9' says Zimmerman molested her and at age 20 her parents found out
  349. Zimmerman's Inside Connection at Sanford Police Department Revealed
  350. Zimmerman racist? Evidence challenges perception of Trayvon shooter
  351. Zimmerman wants a new judge
  352. Documents Released In Trayvon Case Show Cops Didn't Agree On Zimmerman's Broken Nose
  353. FBI interviews: No evidence Zimmerman a racist
  354. New evidence Thursday in Trayvon Martin shooting; curbside memorial moved
  355. George Zimmerman Hiding in Central Florida Safe House
  356. Sanford police took one position on Trayvon shooting in public, another in paperwork to prosecutors
  357. Zimmerman's Second Release Has Stricter Terms
  358. Trayvon's Mom Disappointed Over Zimmerman Bond
  359. George Zimmerman gets $20,000 after judge sets $1M bond
  360. Judge sets Zimmerman's new bond at $1 million
  361. Medical Report: Zimmerman Did NOT Suffer Head Trauma!
  362. Prosecutors: Zimmerman's statements about race may be part of trial
  363. Judge mulls whether to release Zimmerman on bond
  364. Prosecutors release George Zimmerman voice samples
  365. Zimmerman due in court todayJune 29, 2012 at 9;30a at bail hearing
  366. Zimmerman changes details, makes claims inconsistent with other evidence
  367. Zimmerman failed to appear in previous court case, fined $10,000
  368. Sanford police: Zimmerman passed up two chances to talk to Trayvon
  369. George Zimmerman's defense files motion for new bond in Trayvon Martin shooting
  370. Statements reveal George Zimmerman's mind-set before Trayvon Martin shooting
  371. Trayvon Martin family lawyers win Bar diversity award
  372. New Taped Interviews Prove That Sanford PD Didn't Believe Zimmerman's Story
  373. News companies: Release more Zimmerman jailhouse phone calls
  374. Detective calls George Zimmerman 'the good guy,' but questions his account
  375. Breaking! Defense Team Releases Zimmerman's Account On Video
  376. In newly released audio, Zimmerman describes Trayvon Martin shooting
  377. New 911 Calls Released in Trayvon Martin Case; Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Fired
  378. ¥ PDF: Transcript 1 of Zimmermans' jail phone call
    ¥ PDF: Transcript 2 of Zimmermans' jail phone call
    ¥ PDF: Transcript 3 of Zimmermans' jail phone call
  379. George Zimmerman jail calls: Trayvon Martin shooter tells wife how to move around money
  380. George Zimmerman's attorney: Keep jail calls, 'Witness 9' statement private
  381. George Zimmerman jail calls: Soon, you can listen to what he told his wife
  382. Polls: Public's opinions on Zimmerman shifting | Video
  383. Shoot Straight owner, now a George Zimmerman witness: 'He bought the gun from us'
  384. Trayvon's Dad Asks Fathers To Protest Stand Your Ground Laws In Touching Father's Day Message
  385. Shellie and George Zimmerman: Family finances were a problem
  386. Zimmerman On The Ropes? Judge Makes His Statements To Police Public
  387. George Zimmerman's wife arrested, charged with perjury - read the arrest warrant here
  388. Trayvon's parents, others blast Stand Your Ground law to task force
  389. Zimmerman 'does not properly respect the law,' judge says in order revoking bond
  390. Will jury, or judge, decide George Zimmerman's fate?
  391. Orlando man with Zimmerman's old phone number slammed by threatening calls
  392. Trayvon Martin's parents to deliver petition at stand-your-ground meeting
  393. My Word: Zimmerman's treatment national disgrace
  394. Zimmerman's New Bond Hearing Scheduled for June 29
  395. Orlando police release Zimmerman lawyer's call to report death threat
  396. George Zimmerman's lawyer will delay filing bond request motion
  397. From the WTH Files: Zimmerman Donations Spike Since Bail Revoked
  398. Zimmerman's defense says he made a 'mistake' by not telling judge about money
  399. Credibility may prove key in George Zimmerman case
  400. Liar! ZimmermanÕs Lawyer Says Client Lied Because He Was Confused, Fearful
  401. George Zimmerman back in jail, defense expected to file request for his release
  402. George Zimmerman returned to jail
  403. UPDATE! George Zimmerman In Police Custody
  404. Black America Reacts To George ZimmermanÕs Bond Being Revoked
  405. George Zimmerman's Bond Revoked In Trayvon Martin Case
  406. George Zimmerman's legal team adds murder specialist Don West
  407. Sanford plans campaign to repair its image in wake of Trayvon Martin's death
  408. Sentinel files motion against sealing evidence in George Zimmerman murder case
  409. Court motions preview evidence public hasn't seen in George Zimmerman case
  410. George Zimmerman's attorney wants time to review records
  411. Legal fight likely looms over identifying witnesses in Zimmerman case
  412. New Video Of Zimmerman Walking Around Sanford Police Station Unattended
  413. George Zimmerman Ripped Sanford Police, Calling Them Lazy & Disgusting, at 2011 Town Hall
  414. Trayvon Martin Case: Witnesses Change Accounts, Which Could Hurt Zimmerman
  415. Report: 4 witnesses revised accounts in Trayvon Martin case
  416. Poll: Only 47% of Blacks Believe Zimmerman Is Guilty Of Murder
  417. Shocking! 3 More George Zimmerman Witnesses Change Their Stories!
  418. Trayvon Martin's Family's Attorney To Geraldo: You,re Embarrassing Your Son Again!
  419. O'Mara: Corey has released only about half of her Zimmerman evidence
  420. Trayvon Martin's mother gets an ovation at Balto. church
  421. Key witness in Trayvon Martin shooting: I'm no longer sure Zimmerman was crying for help
  422. Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin Surveillance Tape Shows 'He's Dressed In Thug Wear'
  423. Beth Kassab: Zimmerman murder case looks like long shot
  424. Police report: Trayvon Martin's shooting was 'avoidable'
  425. Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Made Racist Remarks At Work
  426. New Evidence Released In Trayvon Martin Case May Complicate Public Debate
  427. Lawyers analyze evidence in Trayvon Martin shooting
  428. Trayvon, Cady Way killings prompted school-uniform vote
  429. Zimmerman had broken nose, black eyes, head lacerations, ABC News reports
  430. FBI Actively Pursuing Hate Crime Charge For Zimmerman
  431. George Zimmerman's gun: 9 mm from Cocoa is small, lethal
  432. Sybrina Fulton Receives 8 Months Donated Vacation Time From Miami-Dade County Workers
  433. Trayvon's mom releases video about 'my first Mother's Day without my son'
  434. George Zimmerman's attorney responds to Trayvon Martin gun-range targets
  435. Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets Sell Out In TwoÊDays!
  436. George Zimmerman's great-grandfather was black
  437. Trayvon Martin's parents visit London, thank British supporters
  438. Why did Mark O'Mara take George Zimmerman case for free?
  439. Citing Trayvon, People Allegedly Threw Bottles at Black Students From Fraternity Roof
  440. Q&A with new Sanford police chief: 'I'm here to help however I can'
  441. Trayvon Martin case: New Sanford police chief promises total review
  442. Trayvon Martin's father recalls moments with his son, 'my best friend'
  443. George Zimmerman launches new legal-defense fund
  444. Zimmerman says Trayvon circled his SUV, frightened him
  445. Trayvon Martin’s social media posts may come up at trial
  446. George Zimmerman's risky social media push first of its kind
  447. George Zimmerman’s crude Myspace page from 2005 uncovered
  448. Zimmerman’s MySpace Page Reveals Racism Against Mexicans
  449. Richard Myers Named New Sanford Police Chief Amid Discord Between Officials, Cops
  450. Zimmerman judge: No gag order
  451. Zimmerman's lawyer launches social media campaign
  452. Trayvon case spurs other investigations around the country
  453. George Zimmerman's Defense Team Launches New Offensive
  454. Lawyer Asks To Delay Document Release For Zimmerman’s Safety
  455. Any new Sanford police chief will face a divided city
  456. When Zimmerman evidence is released, what will it show?
  457. Darryl E. Owens: Attacking whites in Trayvon's name is dangerous, stupid
  458. Judge: Zimmerman to remain free on bond
  459. Trayvon Martin Case: Zimmerman's Lawyer Did Not Know About $200K Raised By Website
  460. Questions remain about $200,000 in Zimmerman's PayPal accounts
  461. Judge Wants Answers In Zimmerman $200K ‘Oversight’
  462. Attorney: George Zimmerman's website collected $200,000 before shutdown
  463. Media attorneys due in court in Zimmerman case
  464. Jeff Burnside, NBC Miami WTVJ Reporter, Fired Over Edited George Zimmerman 911 Call
  465. Zimmerman's website, used to solicit funds for legal defense, taken down
  466. Authorities: Racially charged beating sparked by death of Trayvon Martin
  467. Sanford pastors seek unity over Trayvon Martin case | Video
  468. Trayvon Martin: Judge Unseals Files In Zimmerman Case
  469. Commission Denies Resignation Of Police Chief In Trayvon Martin Case
  470. Sanford police chief criticized for Trayvon Martin investigation resigns
  471. Neighborhood watch shooter released from Fla. jail
  472. Zimmerman urged to keep low profile after release
  473. All Eyes On Florida Jail As George Zimmerman Awaits Release On Bail
  474. Martin Family Attorney: Zimmerman Apology ‘Unfair and Insincere’
  475. Ridiculous!!! Judge Grants Zimmerman’s Bail At $150,000
  476. Zimmerman’s Bail Granting Is An Epic Fail For Sanford Judicial System
  477. Zimmerman and Martin's parents to come face-to-face
  478. Will George Zimmerman get bond? Local lawyers say it's likely
  479. Task force to explore Stand Your Ground laws
  480. Trayvon Martin's parents reject request for private meeting with accused killer
  481. Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin’s Final Words Were ‘Okay, You Got It’
  482. First Lady On Trayvon Martin: A ‘Tremendous Loss’
  483. Trayvon Martin: Community meeting on Thursday to discuss Trayvon Martin tragedy
  484. Trayvon Martin Judge Steps Down Due To Conflict
  485. Three Sisters Record Touching Trayvon Martin YouTube Song [VIDEO]
  486. Trayvon Martin update: The difference between black and white on this issue is personal
  487. Zimmerman judge expected to step aside Wednesday April 18
  488. Bill O’Reilly Grills Trayvon’s Mother in Ill-Advised Interview
  489. Trayvon Martin Case: News Groups Fight To Open Files In Shooting
  490. Sharpton: I’d Rather Them Attack Me Than Trayvon
  491. Zimmerman Might Apologize To Trayvon Martin's Family
  492. Bill Cosby Says Guns, Not Race, Is Real Issue With Trayvon Martin Case
  493. Sharpton Showcases Discussion With Trayvon Martin’s Parents
  494. Trayvon Martin's father says he warned son about stereotypes
  495. Prosecutors: Zimmerman Did Not Say “F***ing C**n”
  496. Prosecutors: Zimmerman ignored dispatcher warning
  497. George Zimmerman’s MySpace Name: “DatNiggy”
  498. George Zimmerman expected to take the stand in Trayvon Martin murder case, legal observers say
  499. Prosecutors contend George Zimmerman provoked confrontation with Trayvon Martin
  500. Official: Zimmerman In Custody, Will Be Charged With Second Degree Murder
  501. Law Enforcement Official: George Zimmerman To Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Shooting
  502. Eric Holder vows thorough review in Trayvon Martin case
  503. Decision Imminent On Zimmerman Prosecution
  504. Trayvon Martin: Attorneys stunned by George Zimmerman's actions
  505. Special Prosecutor: Expect An Announcement Within 72 Hours
  506. Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman's Attorneys Quit, Said Client 'Disappeared'
  507. Zimmerman attorneys are withdrawing as counsel - video
  508. Zimmerman Family To AG: Arrest Black Panthers For Hate Crimes
  509. Zimmerman Launches Website: Trayvon’s Murder “Life-Altering Event”
  510. Trayvon Martin: No grand jury in case
  511. Payback? Homeowner Association Could Be Sued In Trayvon Case
  512. Trayvon Martin Case Spotlights Florida Town's History Of 'Sloppy' Police Work
  513. Pictures: Trayvon Martin through the years
  514. 'Stand Your Ground' Task Force Told Trayvon Martin Case Proves Florida Law Is Confusing, Ought To Be Repealed
  515. Patience runs thin for Martin supporters
  516. Trayvon Martin marchers pledge to 'keep this going'
  517. NBC Fires Producer For “Racist” Edit of Zimmerman 911 Call
  518. Trayvon Martin: Armed Neo-Nazis Patrol Sanford Protecting White Citizens
  519. Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Lawyer Cites 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' As Defense
  520. Gallup/USA Poll: Whites Overwhelmingly Believe Zimmerman is Innocent
  521. Sean Bell’s Fiancée Pens Open Letter To Trayvon’s Parents
  522. NBC News In Turmoil Over Botched Trayvon Martin Story
  523. Trayvon Martins 911 Tape Under Review
  524. Trayvon Martin: Lawyer Raises Questions About Role Of Shooter's Ex-Judge Father In Investigation
  525. Joe Oliver No Longer Zimmerman’s Media Advisor
  526. George Zimmerman reportedly hires a criminal defense lawyer
  527. Trayvon Martin's Girlfriend Interviewed By Prosecutors
  528. The search for probable cause against Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin case
  529. New defense lawyer hired as rallies continue over Trayvon Martin’s death
  530. Trayvon Martin resolution introduced
  531. Preacher wears hoodie to White House breakfast
  532. CNN's Don Lemon: Don't Call Me 'Racist' For Covering Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)
  533. State senator announces his own Trayvon Martin task force
  534. Is George Zimmerman’s Dad Controlling The Trayvon Case?
  535. Pictures: Trayvon Martin shooting and aftermath
  536. Analysts: Questions surround 911 call analysis in Trayvon Martin case
  537. Trayvon Martin, guns and blather
  538. BREAKING: Enhanced Video Reveals Injuries To Zimmerman’s Head?
  539. Carol City ethics students examine Trayvon Martin case
  540. FBI questions people in Trayvon Martin case, begins 'parallel investigation'
  541. Trayvon Martin T-shirts: American outrage, size XXL
  542. Trayvon Martin Shooting: Voice Experts Claim Teen's Cries, Not Zimmerman's, Can Be Heard On 911 Call
  543. ‘Stand your ground law' in effect in Georgia more than 100 years
  544. BREAKING: Trayvon Martin’s Brother Speaks Out
  545. Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free
  546. Joe Scarborough On Trayvon Martin: Conservatives Are 'Fools' For Taking Political Stance (VIDEO)
  547. Trayvon Martin Family Lawyer Is Versed In Civil Rights Cases
  548. Hundreds buying Trayvon T-shirts, buttons in solidarity
  549. Witness' mom says police told her Trayvon Martin shooting wasn't self-defense
  550. Oprah on Martin shooting: I'm infuriated
  551. Source: Sanford police chief, state attorney made Zimmerman 'no charge' call in person
  552. Zimmerman’s “Black Friend” Exposed As Fraud
  553. GO BROTHA! Bobby Rush Kicked Off House Floor For Wearing Hoodie!
  554. Cartoon Says What White Media Won’t Say About Trayvon’s Murder
  555. Outcry mounts, answers few in Trayvon Martin shooting
  556. Trayvon Martin Family Criticize Information Leaks
  557. Trayvon Martin Parents To Attend Capitol Hill Forum On Hate Crimes, Racial Profiling
  558. Trayvon Martin’s father thanks Miami Heat, athletes for support: ‘He would be so moved’
  559. There Are Trayvon Martins All Over The World
  560. My Son, Like Trayvon, Is The “Usual Suspect”
  561. March For Trayvon In Baltimore!
  562. Trayvon Martin: 'The whole world is watching Sanford,' Rev. Jesse Jackson tells commissioners
  563. Trayvon Martin’s Mom Seeks To Trademark Slogans Based On Son’s Name
  564. Students to rally in Atlanta today over Trayvon Martin
  565. Trayvon Martin, my son and the Black Male Code
  566. Sharpton Leads Trayvon Martin Rally
  567. Video of Sharpton being interviewed
  568. Rev. Al Sharpton discusses Trayvon Martin in news conference
  569. Trayvon Martin: Rev. Al Sharpton says mom died, but he'll still will travel to Florida...
  570. Trayvon Martin shooting draws Rev. Al Sharpton to Sanford
  571. Florida governor appoints new prosecutor
  572. Embattled Sanford police chief temporarily steps down
  573. Sanford city manager says they were barred from arresting Trayvon Martin’s killer
  574. Trayvon Martin's parents meet with Justice officials
  575. Attorney Roy Miller says Trayvon Martin's race should not matter
  576. Blacks in Florida city say they're often harassed by police
  577. Joe Madison uncovers racial slur in Florida shooting
  578. Philosopher calls Trayvon Martin shooting 'crazy'
  579. White House says Trayvon Martin is a local issue
  580. President Obama: Trayvon Martin case a 'tragedy'
  581. Gingrich calls Obama's Trayvon comments 'disgraceful'...
  582. George Zimmerman's lawyer: He is not racist
  583. Trayvon Martin case: 'Blacks are under attack,' says Jesse Jackson
  584. Obama gets personal over killing of black Florida teenager


New Taped Interviews Prove That Sanford PD Didn’t Believe Zimmerman’s Story

Listen to the recent interviews below:
Zimmerman is the son of retired Supreme Court Magistrate Judge Robert J Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk
911 Calls (not in any order) From The City Of Sanford
GOP Comments (the dumb shit)
  1. Trayvon Martin coverage: Republicans, many whites say‘enough’
  2. Bill O'Reilly: Oprah's Trayvon Martin Comments 'Absurd' (VIDEO)
  3. Sean Hannity On Trayvon Martin: Media, Lawmakers Are Being 'Irresponsible' (VIDEO)
  4. Gingrich Calls Obama’s Trayvon Remarks “Disgraceful”
  5. In Arlington, Jeb Bush says ‘stand your ground’ invalid in Trayvon Martin case
  6. Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin's 'Hoodie Is As Much Responsible For [His] Death As George Zimmerman'
  7. Geraldo Rivera Doubles Down On Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments: 'Half Of It Is The Way The Young Men Look'
  8. Mitt Romney Calls Trayvon Martin Shooting A 'Tragedy'
General News
  1. Bill O’Reilly Grills Trayvon’s Mother in Ill-Advised Interview
  2. Geraldo To Trayvon Martin's Parents: I Am Sorry
  3. Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Was 'Jekyll And Hyde,' Former Co-Worker Says
  4. How one man helped spark online protest in Trayvon Martin case
  5. Zimmerman’s Father: They May Have Cleaned My Son Up At The Scene
  6. Cry Me A River: Zimmerman Supporters Scared Of Speaking Out
  7. Police video: George Zimmerman was in cuffs but no apparent injuries
  8. Police video shows George Zimmerman shortly after Trayvon Martin shooting
  9. Prosecutor: Sanford police sought to charge Zimmerman
  10. Zimmerman accused of domestic violence, fighting with a police officer
  11. Marco Rubio backs 'Stand Your Ground' law
  12. Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comments
  13. Does George Zimmerman Listen To Plies?
  14. Zimmerman Says Trayvon Martin Bashed His Head On The Sidewalk
  15. NOLA Cop: Trayvon Lived Like A Thug and He Died Like One
  16. Joe Oliver: I’m a Black Man and Zimmerman is not Racist (VIDEO)
  17. “Zimmerman’s Black Friends Support Him, Scared of Backlash”
  18. Chief threatened in Fla. town where teen was shot
  19. White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin! by Michael Skolnik
  20. Special prosecutor comes to Sanford
  21. Trayvon Martin Campaign Raises Money For Advocacy Efforts (How You Can Help)
  22. Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Resurfaces On Voicemail To Friend
  23. Trayvon Martin: George Zimmerman Expelled From Seminole State College
  24. Skittles Releases Statement On Trayvon Martin’s Murder
  25. Obama: 'If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon'
  26. Trayvon Martin’s Friends: He Never Started A Fight
  27. Obama gets personal over killing of black Florida teenager


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