Each Day Starts With A Blank Canvas, It's Up To You To Fill That Canvas With Productivity.......One Of Our Goals Is To Introduce Black Brothers To This Big World Of Technology........ I Have No Idea What Challenges Or Rewards Each Day Would Bring. I'll Just Approach Each Day Thankful To Have The Opportunity For Either.



The Basics Of Life...by georged

What Really Matters

Psalm 30: As a deadly tornado ripped through Will County, Illinois, a young father sat cradling his infant child born just 2 weeks before. When the fierce, howling winds finally subsided and calm had returned, the man's house was gone- and so was his baby. But according to the news report, the father found his child in a field near his house-alive and well! And so was the rest of his family.

When asked by a reporter if he was angry that he had lost everything he owned, he replied, "No, I just thank God I have my baby and my family. Some people don't have that. Nothing else is important.

Often it takes times of tragedy to remind us what really matters in life. When things are going well, we can easily get preoccupied with what we own. we become tied to so many nonessential unimportant things. We tend to grow overly concerned about cars, houses, furniture, appliances, clothes, and countless other trappings of modern life. But when life is reduced to the essentials as it was in the Illinois tornado, we recall again that life itself is enough reason to praise God or being thankful for what you have.

Have you taken time today praising God or being thankful for your life and for the people he has given you to share it with? That's what really matters.









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