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Elite Performance Athletics: Taking Youth Basketball Training to the Next Level

High Desert, October 19, 2017: Basketball camps help not only experienced players to enhance their skills and techniques, a Youth basketball clinic can also train teens to prepare for a bright future. Elite Performance Athletics offers both spring and summer camps for boys and girls from all over the California High Desert and nearby areas. Anyssia Gibbs, a well known basketball talent from High Desert, is the driving force and trainer at the camp.

Training for Success

According to the Youth basketball clinic CEO Robert Gibbs, “Our camp isn't just about preparing boys and girls for the court. Anyssia is an able leader and our team prepares your child for a bright future.”
Explaining the benefits of joining the camp, he further added, “There is more to training with Elite Performance Athletics than just becoming a better basketball player. Our students learn skills and build qualities that help them become a success in their lives. We train your for success in all your endeavors.”

Basketball Techniques & Skills

The boys and girls basketball camp specializes in developing comprehensive set of skills to make the student athletes better all-rounder’s. This includes training on all aspects of the game – from ball handling to one-on-one moves and everything in between.

“Our students also develop court awareness so that they become better strategic players,” the CEO said. “Basketball is a team sport and our students learn the importance of team role and coordination too. While personal skill development is one aspect, our training will also make our students excellent team players,” he added.

About Anyssia Gibbs

Anyssia Gibbs is the lead trainer at Elite Performance Athletics. She is the winner of the All State Girls Basketball Award and two times MVP with the Lady Cougars Basketball Team and two times 1st Team for the Desert Sky League Selection. With anyssia gibbs basketball player, students find exposure to different coaching styles.

The CEO claims, “Anyssia is humble, charismatic and friendly who knows how to create a confidence-filled atmosphere for the students and her team. She knows how to bring the best out of her team and student athletes.”

At Elite Performance Athletics, student athletes will also find themselves in training routines that mimic actual game situations. Students learn new skills and techniques in a progressive way, thus challenging them to keep improving every day. The girls and boys basketball camp also focuses on improving the athletic abilities, strength and stamina of the students.

More information about the basketball camp and its programs can be found by directly reaching out to the company representative.

Contact Information:
Elite Performance Athletics
Email: rlgibbs21@eliteperformsports.coms